Self coaching – behavioral addiction prophylaxis

Addiction to Internet, social media, video games, pornography, shopping, eating or gambling – are the most common behavioral addictions. These – according to WHO standards – are treated as diseases. One of successful tools against it proposed by Foundation for Family Planning is self coaching. It’s a novel method of behavioral addiction prevention based on being one’s own coach. That requires accurate knowledge of one’s capabilities, limitations, emotions and behavior. Put it shortly, self coaching is a valuable and important ability, worth learning and maintaining for one’s own development. Through learning of one’s own strong and weak sides, it’s easier to handle temptations and lead a balanced life.

In 2013 Foundation for Family Planning team fulfilled a pilot program “Self coaching – behavioral addiction prophylaxis”, mainly amongst middle-school students. In 2014, the project is mostly addressed to youngsters in correctional facilities, troubled neighborhood daycares and rehabilitation facilities.

Project’s objectives:

– enhance competencies for people professionally involved in correctional or educational work

– making the subject of behavioral addiction familiar to education workers and psychologists.

– making people aware of social and health consequences of behavioral addictions.

– creating a trend among teens for life without addiction

– increased vigilance of education workers and teachers for diagnosis of problems co-existing with behavioral addictions, as well as initial procedures in case of spotting a behavioral addiction.

– making coaching familiar as a method of correctional, preventative or psychological work

Project “Self coaching – behavioral addiction prophylaxis” is being fulfilled by Foundation for Family Planning in Wroclaw from May 1st 2014 through December 31 2014 and is being financed by Lower Silesia Marshall’s Office., Rzeźbiarstwo, Gałęzioplastyka – pracownia mistrzowskiego geniuszu, Skorzystaj z wyjątkowych usług rzeźbiarskich i snycerskich. Zobacz nasze fantastyczne dzieła. Prześlij projekt – wykonamy go specjalnie dla Ciebie.